Crowdcube España is an online investment platform and a subsiduary company of Crowdcube Ltd, one of the biggest investment crowdfunding platforms in Europe. Crowdcube joins utopic_US as a collaborator, offering a free consultancy service and talks for any of you who are thinking about creating a crowdinvestment campaign for your business or project.   

Crowdcube is a solid and professional alternative financing channel for entrepreneurs and businesses. Many investors provide small or large amounts of money so that people can carry out their projects, which would previously have been analyzed and undergone a rigorous filter, study and revision process in order to offer maximum guarantee and security. In exchange, the investors recieve shares in the company and become partners, accompanying the company in its future growth. 

Founded in March 2011 in the UK, Crowdcube Ltd. is one of the biggest equity crowdfunding platforms in Europe, approved and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) - a regulatory organisation in charge of supervising the UK's financial system. Crowdcube España is a subsidiary company of Crowdcube Ltd. in Spain, formed in 2014 by Crowdcube Ltd. and a group of entrepreneurs with experience in the financial sector and in new technologies. 

Crowdcube enables online investment in previously selected startups and SMEs with a high growth potential. In just four years, it has a portfolio of more than 160,000 registered investors and has financed 230 projects, worth more than 95 million euros. Currently, professional investors, Business Angels and capital risk funds are using the platform.  

On a global level, Crowdcube Ltd. bases its international strategy in the creation of subsidiary companies with local partners, who know their own ecosystems and are able to adapt to the regulations of each country, offering maximum legal certainty. 

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