At Materiagris we believe that another way of advertising is possible. Our mission is to create communication action plans that spread ideas and help make the world a better place. This is why our client base is made up of responsable companies, NGOs and charities. With this stance it was only a matter of time before Materiagris and utopic_US crossed paths.

The journey of Materiagris began in 1993 and for nearly two decades we focused on creating advertising campaigns for large multinationals such as Procter & Gamble, Virgin, Movistar or ExxonMobil. In 2012 Materiagris took a radical turn and decided to use the experience gained during the previous years to promote charitable causes and business projects related to healthy living, personal growth, culture, solidarity, cooperation and environmental protection.

At Materiagris we do not see advertising as a tool in the service of irresponsible and excessive consumption, but as a powerful engine of change that can help bring about the changes that our world needs to be more just and sustainable.

The ideal space to develop this kind of project could only be a coworking centre. The philosophy of the collaborative economy fit perfectly with the mission and values ​​of Materiagris. The welcoming text above the door of utopic_US was irresistibly temptating: "Inside you'll find more people like you, who try every day to be better professionals and work to change the world through collaboration."

utopic_US is proof that there are more and more people who believe that another world is possible, who don't give up and who see opportunities where others see excuses. At Materiagris we call them "committed optimists" and we are lucky to come across more and more of them each day.

At Materiagris we believe that the collaborative economy is a real revolution and offers an alternative to traditional economic system, based on the hyper consumption and speculation. utopic_US is proof of this new economic model, as it focuses on efficiency, promotes entrepreneurship and ensures sustainable growth. Materiagris is proud to be part of this community of idealists who share their dreams in utopic_US and we will do our part to help it grow to the point of becoming a mass phenomenon. Why not!

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