aonSolutions is a Spanish company that specialises in management software in Cloud Technology for SME's and freelancers, that enables companies easy management solutions using an SaaS model (software as a service).  


Do your invoices on Word or Excel and don't monitor serial numbers, where you saved them or how you sent them?  

Do you control your banking?

Do you need to make electronic invoices? 

Do you keep track of your receipts and your incoming invoices so that you can pass them on to your advisor every three months? 

Do you exchange heavy documents with your clients or suppliers, which you find hard to get to them? 

Do you need a CRM to manage your current and potential clients?

Do you want to have a marketing tool to send bulletins, newsletters, surveys, etc. to your clients? 

Do you want a project managemnet tool?

Do you want a management solution that integrates with the main e-commerce platforms on the market? 


You can have all of this and much more, from only €10 per month. Take control of your business management with aonSolutions. And for the utopic_US community, they offer 3 months's use for the price of 1, with included support and no obligation.


WIth just a browser and internet access, anyone can have ERP from the minute they subscribe, without having to make investments, down payments or long term commitments. 


With two product levels, from €10 per month, any freelancer or SME can manage: 

  • Basic level: Aon One: Control of your outgoing and incoming invoices (including electronic invoicing), spenditure, management of receipts and payments, electronic banking, budgets and treasury.
  • Advanced level: Aon Aio: the same as the basic level but with more advantages: marketing tools (Communications, bulletins, campaigns, surveys, etc.), commercial management, warehouse (control of stock, managing orders), project management and monitoring, TPV, document management (your own and those you share with clients) 


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