Finnova has signed an agreement with utopic_US that will bring a number of advantages to all of you entrepreneurs based in Madrid and interested in applying for European funding. Through their EU Startup Accelerator programmes and their EU Training Platform, the Finnova Foundation offers the following services: 

  • Free consultancy service every 15 days, in which they will tell you about open calls, scholaships, grants, etc.
  • Individual mentoring about access to EU institutions and training. 
  • Presentation and participation in innovative events in many sectors, including ICT, health, environmental, tourism, Smart Cities and more.  
  • Access to the acceleration programme in their headquarters in Brussells, of periods between 1 and 6 months, with the support of the Erasmus Entrepreneurs programme. 
  • Support utopic_US in the search for European funding for the different projects.  

About Finnova
Finnova is the European Foundation for the funding of innovation, specialised in the European Union, B2B Benelux market, mentoring and lobbying for projects in the fields of sustainable development, environment, renewable energy, health, tourism and ICT in Europe. With the support of Spain's Ministry of Employment, it develops EU Training Platform programmes and EU Startup Accelerators, aimed at Spanish people under 35 years old, looking for work opportunities and looking to be entrepreneurs. 

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