Our project was born a year and a half ago, after many evenings of drinking coffee, Coca Cola and Aquarius, between Emilio, Lorenzo and Antonella.

Chinespain is a marketplace that offers luxury travel experiences to Chinese tourists who come to visit Spain.  

We select experiences throughout Spain; we make them appropriate to Chinese tourists, adapting them to their culture and language; and we offer them to our tourists through the platform.

We are intermediaries: we provide visibility to suppliers of Spanish experiences to an emerging market that we are targeting and, at the same time, show Chinese tourists all that Spain has to offer, besides sun and beaches, and make them feel at home whilst they are here visiting. We do this by adapting the experiences with little nods to their culture and language, and offering them personalised activities and constant care from the their country to their time in Spain.  

Up to now, Chinese tourists have travelled in groups, rushing around European cities in a race to take photos before the bus left... Now that they are changing their way of travelling and looking for a different type of tourism, we have emerged.

Our aim is to become a benchmark in Spain for Chinese tourists and businessmen and to stand out, above all, for our management and care. We want to offer them experiences that already exist in Spain but that they don't know about, far from the crazy trips organised by large tourism agencies. We want them to have stories to tell when they return home!

In the middle of this whirlwind of decision making, changing directions and learning, Chinespain was selected to participate in Zinc Shower 2015 and, although we had already heard of utopic_US, this was the final step towards getting to know it.

At Zinc Shower we were awarded the Organisation Prize, with one year of free coworking at utopic_US. And boy are we grateful! 

We all worked very well from our home “office”, the occasional meetings on a Saturday and yes, a feeling of jet lag day in and day out.  

Then came Yiming and Tao, our two Chinese teammates, and suddenly a coworking space became somewhat more necessary.  

We didn't think that joining utopic_US would open so many more doors, that we would get to know such interesting people and projects and that we would collaborate with people who have given us more than we could have imagined.  

Here, a mental block can turn into a conversation with someone who has nothing to do with your project but somehow manages to unblock you; a mistake or a doubt is resolved by a colleague who guides you; you can work to a normal timetable; a team of five people working side by side, surround by talent; an atmosphere that is different to that of a normal office; new friendships; Fridays when you can disconnet; and many new ideas for Chinespain.

This is who we are and utopic_US, of course, is part of that. 

For more information, visit their website

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