Cohaerentis is a business consultancy for technology based companies, processes and projects, specialised in the new economy and its different subsectors. It offers legal technological services and solutions for talent management and competitiveness, using the most efficient and innovative tools and methodologies. Every two weeks they will visit utopic_US to give free legal advice to our community, on issues such as e-commerce, industrual and intellectual property and data protection.

Cohaerentis is committed to open knowledge, this being a fundamental principle in their company's philosophy. They share their experience with the community through their respositories, the Aula Cohaerentis and the different training sessinoas they offer. Founded in 2010 by specialised advisors with extensive experience in the ICT sector. Cohaerentis Consultors stands out from its competition because it knows how to integrate emerging techology with the needs of their clients, anticipating problems and protecting their interests.  

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