Delvy Law & Finance is a young firm specialised in legal, tax and financial consultancy for technological startups and disruptive businesses. It began in 2012, in the technology district, 22@ de Barcelona, the epicentre of the world of startups and entrepreneurs.  

Delvy supports entrepreneurial initiatives from their inicial seed phase, in day to day business and to their growth. They accompany companies in their growth and form part of the team.

They offer advice in the areas of commercial law (constitution of society, partner agreements, commercial contracts, advice on investment rounds, investment agreements), IP / IT (trademark registration, liscensing, NDA's, data protection, online sales, general contracting conditions), financial management (CFO on demand, strategic planning, internationalisation) and tax and labour consultancy.

As well as organising their own events for entrepreneurs, the CEOTalks, in which they interview the CEO's of well known startups in public, they also give talks and conferences themselves at business schools, accelerators, incubators and coworking spaces. 

The firm offers discounts to the utopic_US community on the following services: limited partnership constitution, national trademark registration, partner pact processing and online platform adaptation to data protection and information and e-commerce society services.   

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